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Mt Rushmore is fucking wild like we carved giant heads into a cliff


Revisiting a drawing I did a little while back. In 1996 or so.

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The look: Mandatory Chest X-Ray


I just realized I’ve never posted Pippin here! He was my first own bird and he was adorable and wonderful and I miss him lots. 

thought everyone should know that in Japanese the Statue of Liberty is literally called the Goddess of Freedom (自由の女神) and that’s way cooler and weirder

why is nobody awake it’s only like, what, 2:40 am in california right?

yeah but what’s the news that was supposed to come out at midnight


fostby replied to your post: fostby replied to your post:WTF THAT H…

"I here there’s a cannibal that lives in North Carolina" "Mulder, you know that’s just a myth"

"I hear that Baltimore is basically nothing but serial killers."

"Mulder, that’s absurd."


i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this

attention princeowl have you seen this video

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It’s all mine


It’s all mine

It JUST occurred to me that I really could barely understand the assigned readings in my history classes until I started reading like, simpler explanations of them and started procrastinating so much that I was forced to just read the topic sentences.


Archers at Harlem’s YWCA (1940)


Archers at Harlem’s YWCA (1940)

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Drake’s stationery game is probably on point. He probably has that subtle off-white paper with sort of a nice heavy weight to it.

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